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Heroïnes from the Old Testament:

The women listed here were not Christians—they lived before Christianity had been invented. They were pious Hebrew women whose deeds or sufferings were remembered and recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible. So they became part of Christian traditions, too.

Christian tradition regards old-testamentarian patriarchs, prophets, etc., as saints*—although perhaps saints of a lesser status: It is permissible to call children after them, but not to use their names for churches or chapels. Anyway, saints they are, and this earns the women listed below a place on this website.

  1. Hagar (last change: 2017-10-24)
  2. Jael (last change: 2017-08-28)
  3. Jephtha's daughter (last change: 2017-03-01)
  4. Judith (last change:
    • §1 (early to classicistic art): 2018-01-06,
    • §3 (modern art): 2017-11-05)
  5. Ruth (last change: 2017-05-07)
  6. Solomonia of Jerusalem (last change: 2012-09-14)
  7. Susanna (last change:
    • §1 (early art): 2014-05-18,
    • §2a (baroque art: sculptures): 2016-11-06,
    • §2b (baroque art: paintings, engravings): 2019-06-02,
    • §3 (classicism): 2019-06-01,
    • §4 (modern art): 2019-06-01)
  8. Tamar (last change: 2019-04-24)
  9. The levite's concubine (last change: 2019-04-28)
  10. Women in the Maccabean war (last change: 2012-09-14)

* As a proof we present this painting of Bartolomé Bermejo (1490), which shows Jesus after his death, leading the patriarchs from their waiting place to heaven.