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Die Schönheit des Kreuzes - Die Schönheit am Kreuz (in German)
This website is dedicated to the representation of crucified women in art. It contains a truly remarkable collection, beautifully arranged and competently commented.

The Andromeda Art Gallery
In the Greek mythology Andromeda was an Ethiopian princess who was chained naked to a rock by the sea as a sacrifice to a sea monster; fortunately the hero Perseus rescued her. This tale has inspired an incredible number of artists throughout the ages.
This gallery is the most comprehensive collection of art on the subject of Andromeda the world has ever seen!

Inquisition Art (in Russian and English)
Nicolay Bessonov presents a nicely arranged collection of old engravings depicting the proper handling of heretics and witches, together with his own remarkably accurate artwork on the same subject.

Saint of the Day Master Index
The Parish of St. Patrick, Washington, DC, U.S.A., compiled an impressive index of saints, together with their biographies. This is the website to visit for all expectant parents who need to find names for their babies!

Patron Saints Index
This is a similar website, maintained by the Catholic Community Forum, with many crosslinks and references. For some saints even small image galleries are maintained.

Santi, Beati e Testimoni (in Italian)
This encyclopedia of catholic saints comes with a nice search engine; there are illustrations for many entries.

Heiligen-3s (in Dutch)
This website brings saints for every day of the year, many with illustrations.

Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon (in German)
This website contains short biographical data about many saints, especially for those popuilar in german speaking countries.

The Ecole Initiative
This website represents a hypertext encyclopedia of the early Christian history. The “documents” section contains (translated!) literature on the lives of saints; the “images” section has links to paintings or sculptures depicting saints. Unfortunately, the project appears to be discontinued.

Pregunta santoral (in Spanish)
This blog contains commented legends of many saints, together with historical background informations and many illustrations

The picture pool of female martyrs at flickr.com
This is a rapidly growing collection of photos of sacred art depicting female martyrs.

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