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This is an exhibition of paintings and sculptures covering about 2000 years of Western culture, dedicated to a special topic:

Female Christian Martyrs

and their representation in art

plus martyrs and victims of cruelty from the Old Testament of the Bible and from antique myths

Cathedral of Basel, interior

Note: The works of art shown here have been—and still are—decorations of churches, monastries, or residences of Christian nobility. Most of them are rather old and have been viewed and admired by thousands of pious Christians—even by children.

But: Some of the exhibits show rather cruel scenes, and some even show the martyrs clothed in a less than perfect way. If you are afraid that viewing such pictures might disturb your peace of mind, please hit the RETURN button of your browser.

Otherwise: Be welcome and enter through the picture!
(Locate the crypt entrance in the picture and click on it!)

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